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Company Profile
REDDOT EQUIPMENT is working as a pioneer in forklift, material handling equipment field in China and after decades years and has been a powerful and pioneer brand worldwide.
With improvements, REDDOT is professional and specialized in electric warehouse equipments, forklift trucks field and plays as a key brand in warehouse equipment industry worldwide market. We are offering electric pallet truck capacity 1Ton to 4Ton; Electric stacker 1Ton to 2Ton; Internal combustion forklift truck 1Ton-45Ton; Electric forklift 0.5Ton to 16Ton; Tow tractor; Rough Terrain forklift to cover the whole class(I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII) equipments and the whole range capacity products requirements.

REDDOT is constantly working hard to meet with market demand through innovation and new technology.The core values of REDDOT EQUIPMENT are Responsibility, Environment care and Development.

REDDOT is Responsible for what we are doing and going to do. As an international company, we are responsible not only for producing and supplying high quality products, but also we are carrying with our rapid and professional service responsibility, high efficient and professional international operation responsibility for sales and after sales.

Focus on the Environment, REDDOT concentrates on electric warehouse equipment research development and innovation as the top player in electric warehouse equipment in China. New improved electric products are continuously serving in different fields and applications with zero carbon emission to replace oil-exhausting products with smoke emission by steps.

REDDOT Equipment will constantly Develop new forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, solution products and OEM parts through innovation and new technology. Besides,we are building an international technology service platform with the experts which provides responsible and professional services and values to customers. Meeting with market demands is what REDDOT motivates.

Thinking & Lifting With REDDOT In Future. We are always together !





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