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Warranty Policy For Dealer 2019

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REDDOT Equipment maintains a liberal warranty program to insure ultimate customer satisfaction in the event of component failure. This program covers all of REDDOT’s material handling equipment. The intent of this warranty manual is to set forth policy, procedures and limits of the program, and to expedite the proper handling of warranty claims. Your attention to the details of the program will assure resolution of warranty claims with a minimum expenditure of time and effort.




Policy valid date: Jan/01/2019
Policy expire date:Dec/31/2019



<1> To guarantee REDDOT’s warranty policy and provide better service to end user, all REDDOT authorized dealers are request to purchase initial stock parts according to REDDOT suggest parts list or at REDDOT's description.

<2> REDDOT will give credit parts (ship via the nearest sea shipment) to dealer for those stock parts used for warranty, with complete service paper work request to be return to REDDOT
<3> For Dealers who’s parts purchase percentage reaches 3% for forklift, 5% for warehouse equipment,2% for handling equipment- of their annual products purchase, REDDOT will give credit parts (ship via the nearest sea shipment) which worth the claimed parts original purchase value for those out of stock. 




REDDOT Equipment only provides warranty for equipment failure caused by original quality problem, and only extend to the original purchaser.
Any warranty policy from REDDOT is not available for but not limited to any of the following:


<1> Warranty claim report not being sent back to REDDOT and authorization.
<2> Equipment modified or design changed or parts replaced not approved by REDDOT
<3> Equipment being used in improper environment, such as cold storage area (except those with cold storage protection), overheating area, dusty area, moisture area, etc.
<4> Equipment damaged by improper storage / using or accident.
<5> Equipment used beyond rated capacity.
<6> Equipment not be provided by proper maintenance.
<7> Failure to follow operation manual instruction.
<8> Painting scratch caused by shipping pumping is not included in warranty policy, should declare to insurance company as soon as container unload, with enough evidence.



<1> Warranty is for parts only. See detail warranty parts and valid time under each equipment warranty.
<2> Any warranty part is provided by REDDOT as FOB CHINA.
Warranty time start: 
Start from the day firstly shipped from REDDOT Equipment Co., Ltd.

Warranty due to shipment:
If it is found that the shipment has been damaged in transit, please do not return it to us, but notify and file a claim with the carrier and take necessary picture evidence, to reserve the right claim to insurance company at once. Failure to follow this procedure will result in refusal by the carrier to honor any claims with a consequent loss to the consumer.

Warranty parts return:
<1> Please do not send defective parts back to REDDOT unless you be requested to do.
<2> Certain defective parts must be returned as precondition of getting compensation parts free of charge, such as electric controllers which should not be opened before return back, electric motor, charger, electric instrument, internal combustion engine etc. In either case not returning or be opened, REDDOT will invoice dealers with according sales price of parts.
<3> Warranty cost should be charged to dealer if request defective parts not be sent back to REDDOT within 30days of the application date.
<4> You will still be charged by REDDOT if the defective parts to be determined damaging by improper operation.
Changes and improvement:
REDDOT is constantly striving to improve its products. Changes in design and improvement will be made whenever the efficiency of its products is improved thereby, but without incurring any obligation to incorporate such improvements in any products which have been shipped or are in service.
Above warranty only provide for REDDOT authorized Dealers



REDDOT Warranty Policy 


Manual handling Equipment
<1> 12months: Hydraulic Pump, Chassis, Frame, for all model manual pallet jack and other manual equipment
<2> 6 months: Axles for all model.

Electric lift-manual Push handling Equipment
<1> 12 months: Hydraulic pump, Chassis, Frame.
<2> 6 months: Battery (only single cell can be claimed.), and Axles.

Self Propelled Electric Warehouse Equipment
Note: the operating hour of the claim equipment must be provided.

<1> 18 months or 2,000 hours (WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.) Chassis, Frame, Mast frame, Drive motor (except brushes), Transmission.
<2> 12 months or 1,000 hours (WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.) Battery (only single cell can be claimed.). Lift motors (except brushes), Pump, Valves, Hydraulic hoses, Hydraulic cylinders, Weldments, and Castings, Brakes, Axles, Wiring harnesses, Switches, Contactors, Controller and Connectors.

<3> However, as to the following parts, there's no warranty period: Easy wear parts such as Seals, Rollers, Brake shoe, Motor brushes, Lamp, Alarm, Horn, Beeper, Fuse or Hardware such as Bolts, Screw, Washer, etc, unless problem is found when first shipment received.

Forklift Trucks
Note: the operating hour of the claim trucks must be provided.
<1> 18 months or 2,000 hours (WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.): Chassis, Frame, Mast frame. 
 Motor, Transmission, Controller, Pump, Valves, Torque converter, Rim, Drive axle assembly, Steering axle assembly, Brake drum and Hub assembly.
<2> 12 months or 1,000 hours (WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.): Master brake assembly, Wheel brake assembly, Hydraulic hoses, Hydraulic cylinders,Battery (only single cell of the battery can be claimed.), Wiring harnesses, Switches, Contactors, and Connectors.
<3> However, as to the following parts, there's no warranty period: Easy wear parts such as Seals, Rollers, Brake shoe, Motor brushes, Lamp, Alarm, Horn, Beeper, Fuse or Hardware such as Bolts, Screw, Washer, etc, unless problem is found when first shipment received.







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