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Reddot Equipment Spring Outing Records

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March is full of spring, which is a good time for spring. REDDOT Hangzhou office team ushered in a spring trip, feeling the gift of nature, how pleasant it is.
The beauty of rape flowers are worth admiring. Rape flower, also known as brassica, it is a herbaceous plant with a yellow corolla in the shape of a cross. The oil content of its seeds are about 40%, the tender stems leaves and the total flower stalks are used for food; the seeds are used as medicine for external application to reduce swelling. These multi-purpose flowers are really loved by people.
In China, the rape flowers in Jiangxi Province enjoy a good reputation. The group building was arranged in Huangling, Wuyuan City, which was rated as "the most beautiful village in China". Take the cable car to the scenic spot, overlooking the sea of flowers in the terraced fields, layer upon layer, intertwined with yellow and green. Many tourists were deeply shocked when they saw this beautiful scenery, and took pictures to record it.
Huangling is a mountain village, and the local villagers have the custom of drying crops with bamboo drying plaques. Throughout the year, you can see hundreds of scattered dwellings, and the colorful harvest fruits on the drying racks constitute a gorgeous landscape.
This spring outing brought everyone unique beauty and local conditions. We also recommend foreign friends, it is worth visiting!
We are always together!





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