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Electric Tow Tractor QDD03

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1522107197102968834As a leader in material handling equipment in China, Reddot Equipment has attracted much attention from the industry, producing include pallet trucks, stackers, forklifts, tow tractors, etc.
This time we bring you our electric tow tractor QDD03, which is an entry-level handling equipment.
With a on-board charger, charging can be done under any circumstances. The control system of driving offers precise adjustment to speed. The push button can be used to increase or decrease the speed, while the battery instrument measures battery usage for easy maintenance.
Equipped with a solid front basket, ergonomic design, provides additional storage space for small items.The small tractor frame allows the driver to operate more flexibly. It is the best choice for light parts handling. It has the advantage of a small turning radius, making it widely used in industrial places such as indoor warehouses, factories, workshops, and even in narrow aisles.
The test found that this tow tractor with a volume of only 125kg  completed the towing task of 300kg of cargo on a 3% slope, indicating that the traction effect is very strong. With a top speed of 14 km/h, which can be used to tow a trailer for long-distance and transport cargos in workshops.





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