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45 Ton forklift truck reach stacker for container handling equipped

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Recently, several giant forklifts, equipped for 45-ton container handling, have completed orders with our Brazilian customers in South America, and the goods is delivered at their ports.


These trucks play a huge role in ports, mines, construction and industry. From material handling to container stacking, Reddot Equipment offers solutions in all areas.


Reliable transmission systemUsing world brand transmission like KESSLERCUMMINS and DANA,which are safe,reliableand strong power. Combing the specific elec-tronic control technology, the equipment isgreatly optimized in dynamic performance. withover-load protection system, gearbox will switchto low speed mode automatically when overoaded, to avoid shock and impac-ting, and alsoextend service life of engine and gearbox.


Now we also provide a full range of lithium forklifts from 0.6t to 48t, which have the same high performance as IC forklifts, and zero emissions and low noise, low cost performance.


If you are interested, contact us.

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