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2019 Reddot Harvest Season Celebration !

Views: 58     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-12-04      Origin: Site

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Dear friends, 
Thanks for your support during 2019. With the 2019 year ending soon, We're excited to tell you that we've started our celebration - Harvest Season : Golden Apple.
We sincerely invite you to join us to celebrate the harvest season. During the celebration, we've prepared lots of nice gifts and big promotions for you to collect and the great chance to get   One Electric Forklift For FREE !
1. Join us to get a Golden Apple as starting. You can use it as $100 during our celebration.
2. During the celebration, extra you can get different level gifts based on your total orders.
6A : Golden Apple Box :  Apple  iPhone 11 + iPad + Macbook !
5A : Mi 75" 4K Smart TV
4A : Canon SLR Camera With Lens
3A : Harley Electric motorcycle
2A : Mi Intelligent Sweeper Robot
1A: Mi 20" Bussiness Suitcase
3. To Thank our Gold Customers who gets 3A and above , we‘ve prepared an extra lucky draw prize : One Electric Forklift !!  Who will be the REDDOT 2019 Lucky Customer?
4. More discount is also available , Come and havest your Golden Apple gifts , Join more events for more discounts and total orders !

All Celebration gifts to be gathered before 24.Dec 2019. Luck free Li-ion forklift will be drawn in 1.Jan 2020.  Don't miss the chance.


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